Remnant 2 Morrow Parish safe code and location character using an axe on a monster

Remnant 2 Morrow Parish safe code and location

Remnant 2 takes you through several incredibly detailed worlds filled with treacherous monsters and fantastical environments. You never know what you are going to find in the next corner. This also makes Remnant 2 a great game for players who love exploring. However. one of the more popular places, Morrow Parish, holds a lot of secrets such as an impenetrable safe that many players are still trying to figure out. To help those players, here is the Remnant 2 Morrow Parish safe code and location, so you can progress through.

Some players may have not even encountered this safe in the first place. So, don’t worry this article will also touch upon its exact location and hopefully, you will have a fun time exploring the Morror Parish area.

In any case, keep reading on and find out about the Remnant 2 Morrow Parish safe code and location. Solve the case.

Remnant 2 Morrow Parish safe code and location Character looking at a safe

Here’s the Morrow Parish safe code and location in Remnant 2

The safe is located at one of the hospital offices present in the Sanatorium in Morrow Parish. This place is pretty easy to find once you start exploring. The code for the safe is 2971. Once you put this code into the safe, it will definitely crack open.

Inside it, you will find a double barrel. This is a great reward as it’s essential a double barrel shotgun. Now with this weapon, you can go full Doom on your enemies and execute them with style. But keep in mind it can only load up two shotgun shells at once, so don’t treat it as a machine gun and pick your battle carefully.

Furthermore, if you want to play as a purist or tell your friend how they can find the safe code more organically. Then tell them to visit the deranged doctor in the basement of the hospital. He will be singing a particular song that contains clues about the combination.

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