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Street Fighter 6 Poster Passcode

Welcome to the world of Street Fighter 6, where mystery and adventure await! In this game, players have the opportunity to embark on exciting side missions that involve deciphering secret codes hidden within posters scattered throughout the city. Join us as we share the Street Fighter 6 poster passcode to complete the mission.

During the “Tracking the Mystery Code” mission, it is mandatory to enter a passcode, which is usually available on posters. However, please note that posters with this passcode only appear during specific times, either in the daytime or at nighttime.

If you want to know about the Street Fighter 6 poster passcode to complete the Tracking the Mystery Code mission, read on.

Street Fighter 6 Poster Passcode

The passcode required to complete the Tracking the Mystery Code mission is 33,29,51. These poster passcodes are scattered throughout the city, so exploration is necessary to find them all. Luckily, we have compiled a list of the poster passcode locations in Street Fighter 6 to make your search easier.

Poster #1 – Urban Park (Daytime)

Start your journey in the Urban Park during the daytime, down Beat Street, and a right at Outlaw’s Court. Keep your eyes peeled for a gap in the right fence, and head straight for it. You will find the first poster posted on a green container. 

Poster #2 – Bayside Park (Nighttime)

As night falls, head over to Bayside Park. Behind the massive billboard, you’ll discover the second poster.

Poster #3 – Westbay Avenue (Daytime)

During the daytime, make your way to Westbay Avenue and head to the Full Tank Burger shop. You’ll find the third poster posted on the front window.

Once you have all three poster passcodes, open the Messages app, press the “Y” button (Triangle button on PlayStation), and type in the code “332951” to complete the mission successfully.

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