Wayfinder Halcyon Orb - Charactere is holding a giant weapon

Wayfinder Halcyon Orb – How to find and use

Halcyon Orbs are exclusive items that can only be obtained through specific events and activities within the game. While their precise function is still shrouded in mystery, they are highly sought after by players due to their importance in crafting top-tier weapons and equipment. Let’s delve deeper into where and how to find the Halcyon Orb in Wayfinder.

Wayfinder takes players on a thrilling journey through the realm of Evenor. In this perilous world, players assume the roles of Wayfinders, entities born from the essence of the malevolent Gloom. Their mission is to restore the bonds within humanity and contain the destructive forces threatening their existence.

Read on to find out how you can find Halcyon Orb in Wayfinder and use it to enhance your gameplay.

How to obtain Halcyon Orbs in Wayfinder

One of the primary methods of acquiring Halcyon Orbs is by participating in Orbits Events. These events occur exclusively within the Codex Halls, and they present players with unique puzzles and challenges to overcome. The reward for successfully completing an Orbits Event is a Halcyon Orb, making it a valuable resource for crafting powerful weapons.

In addition to the Orbits Events, players can also come across Orbital Events in the Ruins. These events offer another opportunity to obtain Halcyon Orbs. By successfully completing the challenges presented in these events, players can unlock a Halcyon Orb as a reward.

Furthermore, exploring lower-level dungeons in the game can also yield Halcyon Orbs. These orbs are occasionally rewarded at a rate of one per event. While the chance of finding Halcyon Orbs in lower-level dungeons may be lower compared to specific events, it is still worth exploring these areas to increase your chances of obtaining these valuable items.

How to use Halcyon Orb in Wayfinder

Once you have obtained enough Halcyon Orbs in the game, you can use it for crafting some of the best weapons and equipment in Wayfinder. By investing your Halcyon Orbs wisely, you can significantly enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of success in the game’s challenging environments.

One notable item that requires Halcyon Orbs for crafting is the Amulet of Lingering Light. This accessory offers various benefits, including augmented physical defense, increased maximum health, and enhanced break power.

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