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High on Life Blim City chest locations – where are they?

We are all after that sweet sweet booty. Wait, what are you thinking? You pervert, we were referring to those chests and lootboxes, of course! We’re in the moneeeey. Ok sorry, you’re here because you want to know those High on Life Blim City chest locations, right? Well, you’re definitely in the right place, my friend.

Granted, there is no desperate need to search for all of them as a good bunch of those will be automatically (well if you see them!) collected during the main storyline progression. But many of those are still quite out of reach, so we’re here to help you on your way.

Without further ado, let’s get those chest locations in Blim City in High on Life. You’ll find everything we know below.

Where are the chests located in Blim City?

Generally, you will need to have collected a lot of the equipment, like the jetpack, to get at those hard-to-reach chests. Here are the High on Life Blim City chest locations:

  • Chest 1: you can find it outside your house, there’s a small garage to the right.
  • Chest 2: to the right of the previous chest, you will see a junkyard with a pipe. Send one of the Creature’s children and it will open a door, to reveal that sweet loot.
  • Chest 3: again, to the left of the first one, there’s a red barrier which you can follow up to a bench, you’ll find another chest.
  • Chest 4: on the right of the previous one, find an alley. Go up to the second level and flip the panels using Kenny’s. Head inside and use one of the Creature’s children, then exit and to your left, the door will have opened to reveal a chest.
  • Chest 5: to the right from the alley, follow along and, in another alley, you’ll find a stand. Walk around it and next to the steps, you’ll find your loot.
  • Chest 6: for this one you’ll need Gus. From Chest 5, go up the stairs and find a wall with an arrow. Shoot sawblades into the wall and climb them with Knifey. Once you’re up to a bit you can jump on, look at the steps and find a chest on the roof.
  • Chest 7: from where you were, jump and follow the rooftops. Across the square, there’s another wall to use with Gus’ Trick Hole. Climb it up and find some money.
  • Chest 8: jump down, past the pawn shop and, to the lower street level, you’ll find yourself in a large street. Look next to the phone and there it is.
  • Chest 9: head towards the large dome, by the rubbins bins you’ll find another chest.
  • Chest 10: just up from the large dome, there are some “wasps” to use with Knifey. Swing and then jump onto the roof, there it is.
  • Chest 11: on the right side of the dome, look next to the slums gates to find another one.
  • Chest 12: opposite the gates, you’ll find a building to climb by using a zipline. Then, use the handle to jump onto the roof. Then slow down the fan with Sweezy’s Time Slowdown and head down. Repeat on the second one, there you’ll find the chest.
  • Chest 13: onto the roof of the same building, jump on the statue. There is a flying vehicle next to the circular building, wait for another one to fly by so you can reach it (slow down the car first).
  • Chest 14: going back to the building, using the Mag Boots you can walk on to the wall, then grab the wasp that appears and swing to climb the other wall. Finally, one last wasp and get the chest.
  • Chest 15: the final one is on a small gazebo that you can find by looking around from your house. Just use the jetpack to reach it.

We hope this guide can be useful for you to grab that sweet money. Otherwise, if you need some more tips and tricks, check out our High on Life Warp Disc guide or our full walkthrough that has all the guides you could want on the game.