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High on Life warp discs – where to use them

No one likes to walk, right? I mean, okay it can be pretty nice to walk in a cozy neighborhood or when it is snowing it can also be romantic. But in games? Nah, ain’t nobody got time for that! Give us a way to warp, fast travel, and move fast, c’mon man. Luckily, in High on Life there’s a simple solution. So, here’s how to use the High on Life warp discs.

These are basically keys that unlock places you can teleport to, in order to save you from walking around all the time and, especially, make it easier to unlock achievements and retry certain areas again. Pretty convenient, right? We almost wish we could have them in real life.

But perhaps you might need some help with how and where to use the High on Life warp discs, so we’re here to give you the nitty gritty.

Where to use warp discs in High on Life

First, you need to find Warp Point locations to travel to, any of those will use a Warp Disc to instantly travel to. But in order to be able to use the discs, you need first the Warp Remote, which you will get when you choose the bounty hunter Krubis mission in the Zephyr Paradise world. Ranchy will give you the useful Warp Remote gizmo.

While the ordinary Warp Discs can be found in the game’s world, other Discs can be bought at Blorto’s shop, just need to spend your Warp Crystals. Here’s what you can buy at his shop:

  • Cutie Town Warp Disc (Free)
  • Movie Theater Warp Disc (3 Warp Crystals required)
  • Skate Park Warp Disc (8 Warp Crystals required)
  • Toilet Warp Disc (5 Warp Crystals required)
  • Trolley Tracks Warp Disc (5 Warp Crystals required)
  • Quiet Cottage Warp Disc (10 Warp Crystals required)

We hope this clears up a bit how to use Warp Discs in High on Life, but if you need some more help be sure to check out our High on Life a starfish is born guide or find out whether you should watch the bike in the FPS comedy game.