Palia Overdue Books quest - how to complete Character standing with her arms crossed

Palia Overdue Books quest – how to complete

If you are someone who likes reading, then you should definitely improve your relationship with Caleri. She is the town librarian and is pretty fun to talk to. There are several quests you can complete for her. One of these quests is called Overdue Books. Completing this quest significantly increases your friendship with her. So, if that’s your goal, then here’s how you can beat the Overdue Books quest in Palia.

As a librarian, Caleri is always collecting interesting books and adding them to the library. But some of them are much harder to get than others. This is where you come in and help her out. Although it’s a simple fetch quest, if you are not talking to the right person, you will waste a lot of your time.

So, that’s why you should use this guide as a reference and find out how to complete this Overdue Books quest in Palia.

Palia Overdue Books quest - how to complete Character picking up a book

Here’s how you can complete Overdue Books in Palia

To unlock this quest, you need to reach Level 2 Friendship with Caleri, so remember to give her weekly presents. You will then get the quest, and your main objective is to collect three books for her. The following are all three books and who you have to talk to, to find them:

  • Kilima Valley Treasures: To get this book, talk to Jina. Then she will give you the location of the book. Travel to the northwest side of Phoenix Falls. You will find this book lying on top of a giant boulder near the Phoenix Shrine entrance.
  • History of Plants: To get this book, you will first need to talk to Kenyatta. She will then direct you to talk to Na’o. He will give you this book.
  • The Adventures of Jainn Rattagan: For this book, you will need to talk to Auni. Trade in 3 Wild Garlic with him to get this book.

Once you get all these three books, head over to Caleri and give them to her. This is how you complete this quest in Palia. As a reward, you will get, Renown (20), Sernuk Hide (5), Leather (5), an improved relationship with Caleri, and 300 gold.

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