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Palia preserves jar – how to make and use

Many players may not know what Preserve Jars are exactly used for in Palia. There are already many moving parts to farming, so understanding exactly how the Preserves Jars work can become a hassle. However, Preserve jars are truly worth it, as they can yield some lucrative rewards. So, here’s how you can make and use Preserves Jar in Palia.

You can use these Preserve Jars to make Jams and pickles, and they sell for a huge amount of Gold. If you want to become self-dependent through your farming, then you really need to have several Preserved Jars within your farm.

Keep reading to find out how you can make and use Preserves jar in Palia. After getting this item, you will basically transform into Scrooge McDuck jumping into a pool of gold.

Palia preserves jar Character watering crops

Preserve jars in Palia explained

To unlock the recipe for Preserve Jars, you will need to first reach Level 8 Gardening. After that, you can buy it from Badruu. You need the following items to make Preserve Jars:

  • Fabric (6)
  • Iron Bar (2)
  • Heartwood Plank (16)

Currently, only two kinds of crops can be added to the Preserve Jars and turned into Jam. They are Apple and Blueberry. However, you have plenty of options when it comes to turning a vegetable into a pickle, such as Tomato, Potato, Onion, etc.

Make sure to grow Apple and Blueberries separately from the usual crops you grow, as the Apple trees take up a lot of space, the same with the Blueberry bushes. This process is pretty time-consuming, it generally takes an hour or so.  Thus, make sure to build more than one Preserve Jars to speed up this process. You can get the crafter license for this from the City Hall.

Once you get your jams or even pickled vegetables, they will sell for a greater price. Especially if you use high-quality crops. For example, a basic apple will sell for only 64 Gold whereas a basic Apple Jam sells for 96 Gold.

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