High on life watch the guy's bike angry alien

High on Life watch bike – should you do it?

Huh… that’s a weird title for a guide, isn’t it? What even is a watch bike? A bike with a clock on it? Is it the simplified version of Doc Brown’s DeLorean for those who are in a hurry and don’t want to get in a car? Ok ok, we are talking about High on Life watch bike, or more specifically, should you watch the guy riding it?

Well… again, kind of a weird question, isn’t it? But yeah basically what happens in the game is that there’s this alien that asks you to watch his (their?) bike while he goes away to do something. It sounds like a waste of time, right? I mean, with High on Life you never really know what’s going on so, time to answer that question.

Knowing that dastardly Justin Roiland, then it might all be a ruse, or you might be rewarded with something ridiculous after hours of waiting, so we did the legwork so you don’t have to. Let’s take a look at the guy on the bike and decide if it’s worth watching it with our High on Life watch bike guide.

Should you watch the guy on the bike?

It’s up to you, but the game is not planning to make you watch it forever, since as soon as you look away… poof! The bike’s gone. There’s nothing you can do about it, you can watch watch watch until the cows come home, but the bike WILL get stolen.

So, you can’t choose to not watch the bike, as the weapon will say yes, and you can’t avoid the theft. But really, does anything change in the game? Well, apparently not. There’s no impact on the story, no lost achievement, nothing of the sort. It’s just there for a laugh.

There are a ton of NPCs in High on Life and, honestly, they are all pretty weird so this guy is also a great example. But indeed, as far as we know, this subquest has no further consequences on the game. We will be sure to update if we discover something else though!

There are tons of other examples of great fun you can have in High on Life. Did you know you can compete in a skating race a là Tony Hawk? Or even watch a full length movie? And what about the warp disc, where are they? There’s always something to do in this crazy game, so also check out our full walkthrough.