high on life vendor locations one of the three brother merchants in the comedy shooter

High on Life vendor locations explained

High on Life is a sci-fi FPS game that landed to critical praise and lets you stomp around the universe while listening to Justin Roiland’s voice making quips at you. But, what if you’re knee-deep in the game and want to find out all the High on Life vendor locations to visit?

The High on Life vendor locations are dotted around the alien world of the game. You have to visit them to buy all your goods and upgrade your equipment, which is why we’ve put together this nifty guide for you.

Below, you’ll find all the merchant sites and where you need to look to find them and buy yourself some new gear.

High on Life vendor locations

Here are all of the places you can find the vendors in High on Life:

Nova Sanctum

  • Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop (Blim City) – eastern section of downtown Blim.

Zephyr Paradise

  • Supply Station Valley Shop (Deep Jungle) – ground floor of the G3 facility near the entrance of Back Canyon.
  • Moplet Mine Shop (Upper Valley) – inside the G3 mineshaft near the laser grid
  • Skrendel Cafeteria (Jungle Clearing) – inside Sector B
  • Furwaggle Farms (Upper Valley) – underneath the bridge leading to Dr. Giblets’ base

Port Terrene

  • Dreg Town Pawn (Dreg Town) – to the right of the stairs leading to Dr Joopy’s puzzle in Maintenence Station B
  • Big Deal Emporium (Old Town) – Dreg Town Station after using the elevator.

Those are all the places you can visit merchants that sell goods in High on Life. If you’re playing the hilarious shooting game, then you can read more tips and tricks on the game by reading our High on Life watch bike guy guide, or you can check out our full walkthrough for a full list of guides that will help you navigate the whole game until the very end.