All Devil Arms in Tales of Arise - fighting one of the Rift bosses.

Tales of Arise Devil Arms – all locations & how to get them

This guide will go through all Devil Arms locations in Tales of Arise and showcase how to get your hands on the best weapons in the game. Each character has their own Devil Arm weapon which increases its stats based on how many enemies you’ve killed with that character. Thus, while they start off weak, they can reach exceptionally high damage numbers. Let’s go through everything you need to know about how to get all six of these weapons.

All Devil Arms in Tales of Arise - all six rifts in the game; each one grants one of the Devil Arms weapons.

All Tales of Arise Devil Arms and how to get them

To get all Devil Arms in Tales of Arise, you must finish the story and then complete three quests in turn:

  1. Spirit Temple Quest – Head to Traslida Highway and below the Tietal Plain exit, you’ll find the Anxious Man NPC next to a caravan. Follow this quest, defeat three sets of enemies, and talk to him again to complete it.
  2. Another Hillside Anomaly Quest – Head to Viscint in Menancia and at the far left side, before the Traslida Highway exit, you’ll find a Cattle Rancher next to a cow.
  3. Otherworldly Visitors Quest – Head to the Spirit Temple again and talk to the guy left of the portal to get the ‘Destiny Key’.

Before moving on, make sure you’re high-leveled; all enemies going forward will be level 60-95. Now, you can get all Devil Arms weapons by entering the portal. Defeating a boss will grant you one weapon and a key. The key is used to access the next boss and get the next weapon. Defeat all six bosses to get all six weapons.

How to get Diablo Nox (Dohalim)

To get Dohalim’s Diablo Nox Devil Arm, go to The Cavern of Fate Depth (Destiny Rift) and use the Destiny Key. Once you clear the area and defeat Edna (Lv. 63), you’ll get it.

How to get Os Rex (Kisara)

Kisara’s weapon is Os Rex. You can get this weapon by traveling to The Spirit Forest Depths (Symphony Rift). While there, use the Symphony Key and defeat Nimus Origin (Lv. 69) to obtain this Devil Arm.

How to get Records of the Fallen (Rinwell)

Rinwell’s best weapon is Records of the Fallen (Abyss Rift). To get this Devil Arm, head to The Oracle Snowcap Summit, use the Abyss Key, and defeat the boss. You’ll have to face Maleiys, Vasneiys, and Dulneiys (Lv. 75).

How to get Demon’s Cry (Law)

To get Law’s Devil Arm Demon’s Cry, navigate to the Dragon’s Slumber Mountain location (Zest Rift). In there, use the Zest Key to defeat Eizen (Lv. 81).

How to get Damonisch Core (Shionne)

One of the best Devil Arms in Tales of Arise is Shionne’s Damonisch Core. You can get it at the Volcano of Renewal Summit location (Scarlet Night Rift) after using the Scarlet Key and defeating Eizen and Edna (Lv. 90).

How to get Nebilim (Alphen)

To get Alphen’s Devil Arm Nebilim, head to the Land of Judgement (Vesper Rift) and use the Vesper Key item to defeat Chronos who is level 95 and the hardest boss of this questline.

In conclusion, you can get all Devil Arms in Tales of Arise after completing the Spirit Temple, Another Hillside Anomaly, and Otherworldly Visitors quests, and beating all six rifts. Each rift will grant you a weapon and a key to access the next rift. Just keep in mind that these weapons’ stats scale based on how many enemies you’ve defeated with the specific character. With enough kills, these weapons can become your best options in the entire game, so it’s well worth getting them. Combine these with our lists of the best Artes for each character and of all artifacts in Tales of Arise to maximize your characters’ strength and overall damage.

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