Best Artes in Tales of Arise - All characters ready for battle.

Tales of Arise best Artes for each character

Are you looking for the best Artes in Tales of Arise for each character? Let’s go through the top options to optimize your builds. There are six characters in ToA and each of them has an extremely wide variety of Artes available. To help you make the most out of each character we’ll go through the best options available. Without further delay, let’s examine each of the main characters in turn.

Best Artes in Tales of Arise - Shione and Alphen holding hands.

Best Alphen Artes in Tales of Arise

Let’s start with the best Alphen Artes:

  • Reigning Slash: Powerful slash with high damage – unlock by increasing sword proficiency to 800
  • Howling Azure Storm (DLC): Two-hit attack with water blades – unlock by getting the DLC title ‘Beach Hero’
  • Thunderous Devastation: Low sweeping slash followed by a lightning strike – unlock by spending SP on the Vanquisher of the Four Light title

Best Rinwell Artes

Next, here are the best Rinwell Artes in Tales of Arise:

  • Celestial Hammer: Fires rays of light at the ground – unlock by completing the Bibliophile side quest
  • Photon Flash: Shoots exploding light bullets – unlock automatically once you get Rinwell
  • Subzero Confinement: Instantly surrounds an enemy with ice and breaks it – unlock by raising water strike proficiency to 1,200

Best Shionne Artes

As for Shionne, here are her best Artes in ToA:

  • Gravitas Field: Fires dark-element orbs that chase enemies and draw in surrounding enemies upon contact – unlock by increasing Gun Strike Arte proficiency to 700
  • Tres Ventos: Quickly shoots three homing shots, great spammable option – unlock by increasing Gun Strike Arte proficiency
  • Aqueous Impact: Quickly shoots multiple beams of light from the sky – unlock by spending SPP in the Goddess of Kindness title

Best Law Artes

Following up next, here are the best Law Artes:

  • Talon Hurricane: Attack an enemy multiple times – unlock by increasing Fist Strike proficiency to 400
  • Flashing Savage Roar (DLC): Kick the enemy and slam the earth to summon lightning – unlock by getting the High School Heartthrob title via DLC
  • Glimmer Dragon: Kick an enemy and create a vacuum that draws enemies – unlock by increasing Leg Strike proficiency to 100

Best Dohalim Artes

Next, these are Dohalim’s best Artes in the game:

  • Raging Luna Storm (DLC): Shoots a sphere of wind while jumping back – unlock by getting the Commander of Wu Xing title via DLC
  • Soaring Blast: Emit a shockwave followed by an explosion – unlock by raising Staff Strike proficiency to 1,200
  • Elusive Deity: Dash forward and deal dark damage to an enemy – unlocked by default

Best Kisara Artes in Tales of Arise

Lastly, the best Kisara Artes are the following:

  • Falling Storm (DLC): Spin and go up the air while summoning a tornado before dropping down – unlock by getting the Devout Warrioress title via DLC
  • Tempest Wyvern: Create a tornado with Kisara’s shield – unlock by catching one boss fish in Tales of Arise
  • Havoc Thrust: Lunge forward and kick the enemy multiple times – unlock by cooking Sashimi as Kisara

In conclusion, these are the best Artes in Tales of Arise for each character. Some are only unlocked via DLC but each character has options available in the base game. With the right Artes, you’ll be able to progress through the game much faster. Also, to make sure you’re not missing anything in terms of progression, check out our list of all Tales of Arise Beyond the Dawn bosses.

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