The Bookwalker chapter two walkthrough man in post apocalyptic city

The Bookwalker chapter two walkthrough – how to solve all puzzles

Lost your way in the books? In the latest title by TinyBuild we’ll be exploring a lot of naturally different locations, in order to solve puzzles and survive fights. But, sometimes we need a little guide to survive some of the encounters and puzzles, so here comes our The Bookwalker chapter two walkthrough and individual puzzles guide.

We’ll be exploring many different books, with each one having enemies, puzzles, and many items to be crafted.

But if you are stuck then you definitely need a The Bookwalker chapter two walkthrough, read on to find out.

How to operate the lever

First thing first, we have to use that lever. After getting down the robot, by using ink, examine the panel next to the lever so you know you’ll have to use batteries. Go back to the robot and take it, poor thing.

Now, use the one battery into the single panel to the left, a bench and a frozen man will pop out. Search inside the man’s suitcase to find the other battery you need. Now you have two, remove the one you place next to the bench and use them in the one next to the lever. Now, use the lever and enter the factory.

Where to get the shovel

This is going to be a hunt for batteries now, so be sure to always search all the robots you find. For now, your objective is to get one battery from the robot emanating a faint light to the north. Now go to the left, where you’ll find a robot buried in snow. We need a shovel.

To get a shovel , you’ll have to go back to reality and ask your neighbor, again. Poor guy never gets a break. Knock on his door, ask him, go to the shed, get back with the shovel and dig out the robot. The two batteries will have to be used with the panel there, in order to operate the lever and enter the storage.

Where to get the batteries

Now, we can enter the storage but first, let’s head back and use the car repair kit we found. A couple of screens to the south, you’ll find a broken car. Scavenge the items you find around crates and bins, then operate the repair key on the car.

Enter, examine the glove compartment then use the two batteries on the panel. When the robots come alive, tell them you’ll look for a robot and then mention Thor so they’ll calm down otherwise they’ll attack. Once the car has stopped, go outside and collect the third battery you need from the robot, now go back.

How to repair the panel

Remove the two batteries from the car before leaving, now go and use all of our three precious batteries to enter from the back entrance of the factory. Examine the panel on the left, you’ll see the code is THIALFI-28, remember it.

Now go look at the panel on the right, basically you can enter codes and get boxes. But since tehre’s been a few changes, you can’t enter the original code, but in order to get a THIALFI-28 repair kit you need to enter B3-1-6. Get the key, repair the panel and activate the bridge.

How to get the hammer

Enter the office and examine the notes on the desk, to find a reference to Project Mjolnir, that’s the code name for the hammer that we will need very soon. Now either continue examining notes or leave. Exit the room and continue up on the stairs.

Now go to the angry men and tell them the truth about the hammer. Convince them several times and tell them about a trade: you open the door, you get the hammer. Finally, in order to skip the fight, tell them you come from Helheim. Any other answers will not do.

Finally, use Mjolnir as the key code to open the door. Examine the panel, yank out either cable to get the robot to shut down and get the hammer. That is it.

That’s all you need for the Bookwalker chapter two walkthrough. Check back for more information, such as the chapter one walkthrough and our review.

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