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The Sims 4 Secret Agent career guide

Give your Sim a life of danger, thrills, and action by turning them into a secret spy. This career option is for players who truly want to do something unique and a lot more exciting. But as this career option is very different from the other career present in the game, here’s a quick and easy-to-understand The Sims 4 Secret Agent career guide.

Hide valuable secrets and take part in missions that will help humanity, or choose a path that is more mischievous and betray your colleagues and conquer the entire world. All of this is possible with this amazing career option.

So, live your spy fantasy by scrolling down and reading The Sims 4 Secret Agent career guide.

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Starting The Sims 4 Secret Agent career

To begin this career, Your Sim can use their phone to choose this job or you can go to the Career Panel Menu and choose that Secret Agent career option to start his 007 path. The ideal mood for this career is Focused, and your Sim needs to have higher Charisma, Logic, and Mischief skills.

Choosing traits like Genius, Outgoing, Mean, Self-Assured, and Romantic is also very useful, especially when you progress through later levels. Your Sim will start at Level 1 with the job title of Agency clerk. Till Level 6 browsing intelligence on a computer and friendly interactions will be your Sim’s daily task.

Making your Sim play chess, drink hot black tea, and browse Simpedia will really help them stay Focused. Once you complete Level 7, this career divides into two specializations, Diamond Agent and Villian.

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The Diamond Agent Branch

This is the branch you should take if you want your Sim to become a proper Secret Agent. Your daily task is to perform Romantic Interaction, so having high Charisma skills is a must. The ideal mood is still Focused and your Sim will only work 3 days a week, although they are going to be very long shifts.

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The Villian Branch

This career branch is probably very unexpected, but your Sim can choose to become a double agent and slowly become a powerful villain. Another unique thing about this branch is that it goes up to Level 11, currently, this is the only career branch that has an extra level.

The ideal mood for this branch is Playful and your Sim has to have high levels of Mischief to get promotions. Your daily task is to perform mischief interactions. Furthermore, the best and easiest way to level up your Sim’s Mischief is by doing the ‘Trolling Teh Forums’ activity from your Sim’s computer.

We have now come to the end of this career guide, we hope that it helped you a lot. If you want more guides then please check out our other content such as Oxenfree 2 Lost Signals – how long to beat the game and The Sims 4 Painter career guide.