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The Sims 4 Social Media career guide

If you like browsing the internet with your Sim, then you can make them pursue a career in Social Media. This way, not only do you get to use the internet on a daily basis, but also get paid for it. However, many players might wonder how to effectively progress through this career option. So, to help them out here’s The Sims 4 social media career guide.

You can create amazing content and share it online for millions of people to watch or become a public relation expert who uses the internet to create identities and reputations that can heavily influence public opinion.

Whatever you and your Sim decide to do on the internet, we are sure that it is going to be amazing. Thus, scroll down and find out about The Sims 4 social media career guide.

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The Sims 4 Social Media career guide explained

This career was added to the game with the City Living expansion pack and you can access it with the help of your Sim’s phone. Having skills like Charisma, Writing, and Mischief is pretty important for this career, especially from Levels 1-3. There is a work-from-home option for this career as well which you should definitely choose.

The ideal mood is Playful and your daily task is to first create a social media profile and then constantly keep it updated. Your Sim can do this by updating their social media status. As you move through the first three levels, you will have many ways to increase your followers such as by sharing images, responding to mail, and interacting with other people.

Letting your Sim take a bubble bath is a great way to level up their Charisma skills. Once you complete Level 3, this Social Media career will branch into two specifications, Internet Personality and Public Relations.

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Choosing Internet Personality branch

You can keep the ideal mood for this career branch is Playful or Focused. Your Sim will need to work on their Comedy, Mischief, Charisma, and Video Gaming skills. Your Sim needs to get 25 million followers to reach the highest level in this career path. As long as you work on all of the previously mentioned skills, you will reach this goal in no time.

Your daily tasks are to share jokes with the followers or troll the forums. Other more effective ways of gaining followers would be to Prank streamers or Let’s Play. The latter is very useful to do, as this will give your Sim a huge boost in followers, so make sure to work on your Video Gaming skills.

You can generate a large amount of income by promoting products, so when compared to the PR branch, being an Internet Personality is more profitable.

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Choosing Public Relations branch

In this career branch, the ideal mood is to stay Focused or Inspired and your Sim will need to train their Writing and Charisma skills. Your Sim’s daily task to is network with journalists and to reach the highest level your Sim needs to get 10,000 followers. If you want to have a more passive approach to gaining followers, then you can try live streaming.

When outside at a venue, you should use the Shoutout/Status update to gain a quick boost of followers. Although this feature has a cooldown, it is still a great way to progress through the levels. The biggest disadvantage of this branch has to be the loss of followers when your Sim promotes a product. This also happens in the Internet Personality branch, but it is way harder to gain the lost followers back.

These were all of the important pieces of information you need to know about the Social Media career in The Sims 4. If you want to read some more guides then please check out The Sims 4 Politician career guide and The Sims 4 Scientist career guide.