High on life how to pass the skate park challenge skate park location

High on Life skate park score – how to complete the challenge

Are you high? Well, we sure are, but are you… high on life? Ok that was an easy joke, pardon us, but despite bad reviews we definitely can’t stop playing the crazy game by the Rick & Morty creator! So we are here today with a bit of hopefully helpful news for you about, read on to get the best High on Life skate park score. We got the scoop.

There are hundreds of different things to do in the game, let alone extra things to discover and even full-featured movies to watch. Some of them will just unlock achievements, others will give you cool stuff, so keep an eye out for those if you want to enrich your arsenal of strange weapons and gizmos.

But enough talk, let’s see what you can do to pass the High on Life skate park challenge in the comedy shooting game.

How to pass the skate park challenge in High on Life

There are no specific tricks to pass it, one just has to get good at it, honestly. Since this is no Tony Hawk and you don’t actually have a skateboard, you will notice that you will earn points for mostly every move you do, like jumping around. The most important ones though are the hook bugs, which you are most likely already familiar with.

Mentally jot down the bugs’ locations, or write them down we are not judging. Using them around while hooking from one to the other, floating and staying in the air as long as possible will net you the most points and increase your multiplier, doing that you’ll be able to reach the objective in no time. The park can be accessed by purchasing the warp crystal, as usual.

We hope these few tricks can be useful in passing the skate park challenge, otherwise, you might want to also check out our other guides on How to get Lezduit in High on Life for some more useful tips.

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