High on Life how to watch demon wind movie theater

High on Life Demon Wind – how to watch it

Have you ever watched Rick & Morty? Ok, that’s an obvious question since we are sure you have. Then you might be interested in giving High on Life a try, as it was made by the same creator, as it is evident by the kind of humour. And there are also quite some interesting extras, so here is, in High on life how to watch Demon Wind.

What is Demon Wind? It is one of the various in-game movies available to watch that was made specifically for the game, a kind of small easter egg for the players. Along with the rest of the game being incredibly funny, those movies are fantastic as well but they’re definitely not easy to track down and watch in peace.

So let us help you with that, here’s how to watch Demon Wind in High on Life.

How to watch Demon Wind in High on Life

One possibility is that of just plopping yourself next to Gene and waiting for the movie to come on the TV. But that’s not great, is it? Wasting time away in front of a screen and all. So, the next best thing is to go directly to the cinema, here’s how.

After killing the first two targets, you’ll find Blorto’s Kiosk outside your house. The guy (well, alien) sells warp discs, you’ll want to pick up the Movie Theater Warp Disc (three warp crystals is its cost) Then head home, use the Bounty 5000 and teleport to Zephry Paradise: Upper Valley. Once arrived, turn left and go up the hill, at its top there is a white warp location. To access the warp disc, just interact with the location. The movie theater will then magically appear.

We hope this guide has been useful in allowing you to watch a movie while playing a game, be sure to check out our other guides like Dr Giblets High on Life location, which tells you how to complete the bounty quest.