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Dead Island 2 best weapon picks for zombie slaying

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Dead Island 2 is finally out as the sequel to the popular zombie-killing game, Dead Island. In this guide, we will take you through the Dead Island 2 best weapon picks for zombie slaying.

The game is packed with an extensive, exotic and exciting arsenal of weapons that provides players with a million entertaining ways to dispatch the undead. But what are the Dead Island 2 best weapon picks for zombie slaying?

Well, we’ve got everything you need in this weapon guide, read on and arm yourself!

What is the best weapon in Dead Island 2?

From machetes to flamethrowers, there is something for every kind of player, but for us the best weapon in Dead Island 2 is surely the electrified sword! However, with so many weapons and upgrades to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones are the best options for taking on the zombie horde. Here are our picks for the top seven weapons in the game:

  1. Big Shot: A flare gun that fires explosive fireworks in bursts of three, great for crowd control.
  2. Brass Knuckles: Fast and satisfying, these weapons can deal elemental damage and have wide sweeps.
  3. Contagious Weapons: Weapons with this perk can spread elemental effects from zombie to zombie, saving resources.
  4. Electrified Officer’s Sword: A strong mid-game option that offers great combinations with Curveballs and water.
  5. Emma’s Wrath: This legendary sledgehammer can launch zombies and comes with a mini shotgun blast.
  6. Revolvers: A solid choice for later in the game when more powerful weapons are needed.
  7. Wildstyle: A firefighter’s axe that can set enemies on fire and clear hordes without needing constant repair.

These weapons can help you a lot as you progress further into the late game, so take the time to hunt them down while exploring the map.

Now you know how to arm yourself to kill the undead in Dead Island 2. Why not check out where to find the goat pen master key and all about the game’s release date, gameplay trailer, story?