Dead Island 2 co-op multiplayer zombies pool

Dead Island 2 co-op multiplayer – how to unlock the mode

Released all the way back in 2014, the original Dead Island was quite the interesting take on the then fashionable zombie shooting gameplay, with a lot of insane mechanisms and also quite the hefty slab of cheese. Then, pretty soon after its release, a sequel was announced only to disappear and… come back from the dead again. So let’s lay out Dead Island 2 co-op multiplayer and see what we know.

I think we can all agree that while going solo on a mission to kill zombies and survive is definitely okay, there’s way more fun to be had when there’s a group of tight-knit friends that can work great cooperating with each other. That’s why we’re keeping our fingers crossed that not only will the new Dead Island game feature the mode, but it’s going to be as good as the original! High hopes, right?

So, continue reading to find out everything about Dead Island 2 co-op multiplayer and if you and your friends will be allowed to go zombie hunting together, again, very soon.

Dead Island 2 co-op multiplayer – how to unlock and play with friends explained

To unlock co-op multiplayer in Dead Island 2, you need to complete the Call the Cavalry story mission. This is around one hour into the story mission of the game. You’ll know when you’ve unlocked co-op play because a large message will flash up on your screen. All you then have to do is invite your friends to join your game and get to smashing zombie skulls.

So, for those of you looking to play the game with friends, make sure you all start the single-player story first, or you’ll spend your session waiting for everyone to finish reaching the mission.

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