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Palia beauty business quest – how to complete

Tamala is quite an intriguing character in Palia. If you want to improve your relationship with her, you will need to complete several quests. One of them is called Beauty Business, in which she will ask you to help expand her business. At first, this task will sound simple, but it can become an obstacle if you haven’t interacted with other characters in the game. This guide will simplify the Beauty Business quest in Palia.

Tamala has become a fan-favorite character due to her personality and character design. She is also a popular romanceable option in the game, so completing her quest becomes really important. Other characters will tell you to avoid her, which makes her just more interesting to talk to!

Keep reading to find out how to complete the Beauty Business quest in Palia. Finishing this quest will ensure that your relationship with Tamala improves.

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Ho to complete the Beauty Business quest in Palia

This quest gets unlocked after you reach Level 2 Friendship with Tamala. She will let you know via a letter. Once you get it, just go talk to her. She will tell you about her Beauty Business. Then, she will ask you to help her expand it and give you a couple of Beauty Cream samples. Your main objective is to find three villagers who are willing to try these samples.

The following are all three villagers who would do this:

  • Jel (you can find him at the Tailor’s Shop or near the Fisherman’s Lagoon, Mayor’s Estate, and the Boardwalk)
  • Zeki (you can find him at the General Store or near Ormuu’s Horn Inn)
  • Eshe (you can find her at her office in the City Hall or near the Tavern, Taill, Remembrance Garden, Mayor’s Estate, and Elouisa’s House)

However, before going to these three characters, you can talk to other characters regarding these Beauty Cream samples. They will have some informative things to say. Even though doing this is not required to finish this quest, you will learn more about character relationships.

As a reward, you will get Dragon’s Beard Peat (5), Silk Thread (10), Renown (20), and an improved relationship with Tamala.

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