Palia Lucky Coins - Standing in front of Wonderous Machine

Palia Lucky Coins – how to get and use the items

In Palia, as players navigate through the game, they encounter various tasks and challenges that require them to utilize different in-game currencies. One such currency is the Lucky Coin, a valuable resource that can be obtained and used in Palia. In this guide, we will explore the various methods to acquire Lucky Coins in Palia and discover the fascinating ways to make the most of them in the game.

Palia is a captivating MMO game that allows players to embark on exciting adventures, build their dream houses, cultivate relationships with villagers, and engage in thrilling trade activities. 

Read on to find out how to obtain and use the Lucky Coins in Palia.

Lucky Coins in palia - Inetarcting the Lucky Box

How to Obtain Lucky Coins in Palia

At the start of your Palia journey, Zeki, the owner of the General Store, will send you your very first Lucky Coin through the mailbox. This initial coin serves as a token of Zeki’s appreciation for your presence in the game. However, Zeki’s generosity does not end there. By regularly visiting and purchasing items from the General Store, you can receive additional Lucky Coins every 24 hours. 

Zeki will express gratitude for your support by sending you a letter accompanied by a Lucky Coin. Remember, this cycle resets every 24 hours, so make sure to visit the General Store frequently to maximize your Lucky Coin collection.

If you are looking to expedite your acquisition of Lucky Coins, Zeki’s Black Market Store is the place to visit. Here, players have the option to purchase Lucky Coins directly using their hard-earned in-game currency, Gold. Each Lucky Coin is priced at 10,000 Gold, making it a substantial investment. 

However, the Black Market Store operates exclusively during the nighttime, so plan your visits accordingly. While purchasing Lucky Coins can be a tempting option, it is advisable to strike a balance between buying and obtaining them through Zeki’s generosity to manage your resources effectively.

How to use Lucky Coins

Lucky Coins find their purpose at the Wonderous Machine, a fascinating contraption located inside Zeki’s General Store. There you’ll be able to use them to gain valuable rewards. To access its wonders, simply approach the General Store counter, and on its right side, you will spot the enchanting Wonderous Machine.

Interact with the machine and insert a Lucky Coin to receive a Lucky Box in return. The Lucky Box holds the key to your fortune, containing a random item that can prove invaluable during your Palia adventures.

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