Roblox Kaizen Cursed Daggers - using special abilities to defeat boss Getouh.

Roblox Kaizen Cursed Daggers – how to get

If you’re trying to get the Cursed Daggers in Roblox Kaizen, you’re at the right place. Here’s everything you must do. Unfortunately, getting this weapon relies heavily on luck. It might take you a few minutes or lots of hours, depending on RNG. However, there are some tricks you can do to slightly increase your chances. Without further delay, let’s go through everything you should know.

Roblox Kaizen Cursed Daggers - starting the fight with Getouh.

How to get the Cursed Daggers in Roblox Kaizen

To get the Cursed Daggers in Roblox Kaizen, keep opening legendary modules until you get lucky. Each legendary (purple) module you find has a chance to give you this weapon. However, it’s only a chance. There’s no guaranteed way to get it, and it might take a while, depending on your RNG.

To make this process slightly easier, there’s one boss that you should farm. Overall, the best boss to farm is Getouh in the Midlands. Every time you defeat him, Getouh will always drop a module as a reward. While sometimes this will only be a Common or Rare module (which can’t grant you the Cursed Daggers), it’s one of the few bosses that guarantees a module drop when slain.

And that’s all. Unfortunately, there’s no guaranteed way to get this weapon. On the bright side, while farming modules, you can get a variety of legendary weapons. While you may not get the Cursed Daggers instantly, you may find something else you like.

In conclusion, to get the Cursed Daggers in Roblox Kaizen, you must keep opening legendary modules until you are blessed by the RNG gods. The best way to get these modules is by farming the Getouh boss since it will always drop a module when defeated. While this module will most times be of Common or Rare rarity, at least it’s a guaranteed drop. And that’s all! Before leaving, if you’re looking for more Roblox content, here’s how to get a Hell Ticket in Peroxide and how to revive teammates in Harmful Company.

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