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When is Forza Horizon 6 coming out?

You got a fast car, I want a ticket to anywhere, maybe we can make a deal… Right, this is no slow sad 90s song, this is Forza Horizon baby, one of the hottest series around. It originally started as a spin-off of Forza Motorsport (which is going to be rebooted in 2023) and now counts six main titles. Wait… six? Well yes, because we hear fans demanding when is Forza Horizon 6 coming out?

We can definitely say the spin-off ended up being quite more successful than the original series. Perhaps it’s the great freedom in driving around, perhaps the great selection of vehicles available to drive and circuits to take them on, maybe the solid graphical engine… Be that as it may, there are definitely people who already quite bored with the fifth title and want more.

Can we blame them? No sireeee, surely we cannot! So, let us try to answer the question, using a bit of logic and deduction, in order to discover when is Forza Horizon 6 coming out so we can get more racing goodness.

When is Forza Horizon 6 coming out?

Despite the lack of an official announcement, considering the release years of the series chapters, we can expect Forza Horizon 6 to come out sometime in early 2024.

It is definitely too early to tell what kind of new features the future sixth instalment in the series will bring us. Perhaps it will be a complete revamp, like a reboot of the series for the new console generation, since the last three titles in the series were all still compatible with Xbox One. Or, maybe, it will just be a new chapter with the usual few touch up in graphics and new cars to drive. Only time will tell.

But you can be sure that as soon as we have some confirmation on the date and content, we will update the article. In the meantime, with no sixth chapter on the horizon, you can definitely spend your time checking out our Forza Horizon 5 guides or perhaps you want to switch to Gran Turismo 7?

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