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Common’hood tips and tricks

Common’hood is a simulation game where players take on the role of a community leader trying to establish a thriving settlement after an apocalyptic event. The game is challenging, and new players might feel lost about where to start. With this in mind, we have prepared Common’hood tips and tricks to help beginners navigate the game.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will greatly enhance your gameplay while also improving your chances of succeeding in later levels. We don’t want to get stuck for too long on one level, right?

Read on to discover some handy Common’hood tips and tricks for beginners to easily navigate the game.

Tips and tricks to remember for Common’hood 

There are several factors to consider while playing this game, such as talking to the characters and farming. To successfully progress in the game, keep the following things in mind:

Talk to the NPCs

Engaging in conversations with NPCs is of utmost importance as it allows you to acquire missions and gather valuable resources. It is imperative to prioritize completing these interactions expeditiously. It does help to establish a strong bond of trust with the NPCs but that’s not all.

Having a good relationship with those characters also grants you the opportunity to extend the duration of their availability. The more trust you gain from the NPCs, the longer you can schedule your interactions with them, thereby enhancing your overall progress in the game.

Researching and Crafting

One of the most vital activities to engage in within the game is research and crafting. For instance, by utilizing the metal workbench, you will be granted access to a plethora of other crafting tables, which in itself is quite significant.

However, the true importance of this metal workbench lies in its capability to facilitate the creation of the Planar, a crucial element necessary for the progression of the mission at hand.


Food plays a crucial role in this game as it is essential for the survival of your settlement. Interestingly, your character does not require food, but you have the ability to store all your food in the community shelter. This shelter is easily recognizable by its red double door emerging from the ground, conveniently located near the campsite.

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