Hollow Knight City Crest - Character is holding a sword

City Crest Hollow Knight – where and how to use it

In the mystical world of Hollow Knight, the City Crest is a significant item that holds the key to unlocking new areas and uncovering hidden secrets. As an avid player, understanding the purpose and usage of the City Crest is crucial for progressing through the game. In this guide, we will share details on where and how to use the Hollow Knight City Crest.

The City Crest is a prized possession that drops from the False Knight, a formidable boss encountered in the Forgotten Crossroads. Once you have defeated the False Knight, you will have a chance to obtain the City Crest.

So, if you want to know where and how to use the Hollow Knight City Crest, read on.

Where and how to use the City Crest in Hollow Knight

City Crest is a significant item used to unlock a gate of the City of Tears, revealing new areas to explore. To access the gate between the Fungal Wastes and the City of Tears, you will first need the Mantis Claw, a useful ability that allows you to scale walls. With the Mantis Claw in your possession, you can venture into the Fungal Wastes and locate the statue of the Great Knight Hegemol. 

Once you have found the statue of the Great Knight Hegemol, it’s time to insert the City Crest into the designated slot to open the gate. However, it’s important to note that once you walk through the gate, it will close permanently, preventing you from returning through the same entrance.

Alternative Entrances to the City of Tears

While the City Crest is the intended method of entering the City of Tears, resourceful players have discovered alternative paths to this magnificent location. One such route is dropping down from the Resting Grounds, allowing you to bypass the need for the City Crest altogether. Additionally, you can also access the City of Tears by journeying through the Royal Waterways and finding a way to ascend into the city.

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