Hollow Knight wall jump - Character is jumping

Hollow Knight wall jump – how to get the ability

Hollow Knight is a challenging action-adventure game boasting beautiful 2D graphics. Players are tasked with exploring winding caverns, fighting off mutated creatures, and dodging complicated traps to uncover the mysteries that lie deep within. In order to fully explore everything this vast and treacherous world has to offer, you will need to obtain the Hollow Knight wall jump ability.

Wall jump allows you to propel yourself off vertical surfaces and reach new heights (literally). It’s a skill that every knight should have in their repertoire.

If you are one of them who want to get the Hollow Knight wall jump ability, read on to know all the details.

How to get Wall Jump ability in Hollow Knight

To obtain the Mantis Claw, also known as the wall jump ability in the game, you must head to the Mantis Village. However, before you can reach the village, you’ll need to acquire the Mothwing Cloak ability, which enables you to dash through the air, providing enhanced maneuverability. 

Once you have successfully obtained the cloak, you need to venture into the Fungal Wastes and proceed downwards until you encounter Mantis-type enemies, which indicates that you are on the correct path to Mantis Village.

As you continue your journey through the Fungal Wastes, keep an eye out for peculiar metallic poles tied with a sturdy rope. These poles actually serve as a clear indication that the Mantis Village is in close proximity. Keep moving downwards until you find a Mantis Warrior guarding an entrance towards the left. This particular entrance is a pathway that will guide you straight to the Mantis Village.

Inside the Mantis Village, make your way toward the buildings, ignoring the path above. Continue on ground level to the left until you come across another Mantis Warrior guarding a switch on the ceiling. Defeat the warrior and strike the switch to unlock a door above you.

Once you’ve accomplished your task, head back to the entrance of the area and make your way up to the platforms above you. From there, continue along the platforms until you come across a previously locked door. Leap and sprint through the newly opened entrance that was once blocked by the door. You’ll find yourself inside a room adorned with small shelves, which is precisely where you’ll discover the Mantis Claw.

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