Lies of P Crescent Moonstone - Obtained the valuable item

Lies of P crescent moonstone farming – best locations

Crescent Moonstones are essential for upgrading weapons and enhancing your gameplay experience. However, finding these valuable resources can be a challenge, as they are not easily obtained from specific locations such as shops or chests. In this article, we will explore the best farming locations for Crescent Moonstone in Lies of P.

You can also purchase this item in the game. However, this option is initially locked and requires a special item to unlock it. 

Read on to find out the best farming locations for Crescent Moonstone in Lies of P.

All Crescent Moonstone locations in Lies of P

Although Crescent Moonstones are not readily available in traditional locations, we have identified several key areas where you can increase your chances of obtaining these precious resources. Let’s delve into each location and uncover the hidden treasures:

Moonlight City

One of the prime farming locations for Crescent Moonstones is Moonlight City. To reach this area, teleport to the Stargazer and embark on a journey up the hill, across the bridge, and into a nearby hole. As you follow the river, be on the lookout for Dimensional Butterflies. Defeating these enemies will reward you with Crescent Moonstones, providing a valuable boost to your inventory.

St. Frangelico Cathedral

Another lucrative location for Crescent Moonstones is St. Frangelico Cathedral. Begin your search in the chapel, where you’ll need to navigate the main path and overcome moving mechanisms. Once you’ve successfully passed this obstacle, kick the brazier and head left to find a ladder. Explore this area thoroughly, as you’ll discover Crescent Moonstones in various spots, including a bookcase near a wooden table.

Rose Isabelle Street

Rose Isabelle Street holds hidden treasures for dedicated players seeking Crescent Moonstones. Make your way to the entrance of the street and ascend the stairs leading to a gate engulfed in flames. Here, you’ll find a briefcase containing your first Crescent Moonstone. Additionally, defeat Dimensional Butterflies in the area to obtain another Moonstone. After navigating through the sewer section, turn left to find a door leading back to the Stargazer, where you can collect the third Crescent Moonstone.

Barren Swamp

The Barren Swamp is another fruitful location for Crescent Moonstone farming. As you explore this area, search for a house on the left side of the dump. Outside the house, you’ll discover your first Moonstone. Continue along the cliff until you reach a hill that leads to ruins. Traverse a small wooden beam to access the second Moonstone. Finally, ascend to the highest part of the tower in the canyon to acquire the third Moonstone.

Malum District

In the Malum District, you can find two Crescent Moonstones. Begin your search near the Red Lobster Inn, where an alley hides the first Moonstone near the entrance. As you progress through the district, a Dog Carcass bursting through metal gates will reveal the second Moonstone. Pay close attention to your surroundings after encountering Harlequin to ensure you don’t miss out on these valuable resources.

Black Seaside

The Black Seaside offers a bountiful opportunity to gather Crescent Moonstones. As you explore this area, you’ll come across a desert beach scattered with up to four Moonstones. Take your time to thoroughly explore the beach and be rewarded with these valuable resources.

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