Lies of P Julian the Gentleman - solve the quest Character running towards a light bulb

Lies of P Julian the Gentleman – solve the quest

The City of Krat is filled with grim little stories that you can experience in the form of side quests. These quests are generally given by interesting characters suffering from a particular problem that they will ask you to solve for them. One of these side quests that may tug at your heartstrings a bit involves a gentleman called Julian. But if you don’t know how to complete Julian The Gentleman’s quest in Lies of P, this article will provide you with a guide.

Julian The Gentleman is one of the several characters you can find in this city, barely managing to survive and wistfully thinking about their personal issues and tragedies. You get an option to give them some solace or tell them the harsh and morally questionable truth.

Keep reading to find out how you can solve the Julian The Gentleman quest in Lies of P.

Lies of P Julian the Gentleman - solve the quest Character standing next to a puppet

How to complete the Julian The Gentleman quest in Lies of P?

You can find Julian The Gentleman, near the Roda Isabelle Street Culvert Stargazer. After you talk to him, he will ask you to bring his dead wife Melody’s belongings to him.

The following are all the directions you have to take to reach the area where her body is situated:

  • After talking to Julian The Gentleman, turn around and you should see a ladder going down.
  • After climbing down, you will see a giant pipe. Start walking through it.
  • When you reach the end of this pipe, you will find two ladders. Use them to get down.
  • Then, when you are on the ground, start sprinting towards another giant pipe straight ahead.
  • Go through it and turn right. This pipe path should lead you to the outside.
  • You will be near the bridge. Climb up and walk over the short bridge.
  • Take the stairs on the right.
  • Then, take the stairs on the left and then left again.
  • Take a right turn and sprint past the Harold Theatre.
  • Take a left turn and climb down the stairs.
  • On the right, near a staircase, you will find Melody’s body.
  • Interact with it, and take the wedding ring.
  • Go back to Julian The Gentleman, you will be in the same area where you first met him.
  • Give him the wedding ring, then you can either tell him the truth (“never seen that happen” dialogue option) or lie to him (“she left a message” dialogue option)

If you tell him the truth, you will be rewarded with the Radiant Ergo Fragment and if you lie to him, you will get the Sad Gesture and Wedding Ring. This is how you complete this side quest.

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