All that money can buy Starfield guide - how to beat the quest Character walking through a neon lit city

All that money can buy Starfield guide – how to beat the quest

Starfield drops the player into an expansive procedurally generated world. This quality also seeps down to the main missions in this game, but the particular story beats stays the same. So, if you are having trouble finishing the All That Money Can Buy in Starfield, then this article will act as a guide for you.

This main quest has multiple parts to it and can easily confuse you if you are not paying attention to every dialogue spoken by the characters. So, use this article as a reference, whenever you get stuck on a specific part.

Keep reading to find the guide to All That Money Can Buy in Starfield. Knowing exactly what to do will make this mission easy to complete.

All that money can buy Starfield guide - how to beat the quest Character closing their eyes

How to complete All That Money Can Buy in Starfield?

The following are all of the objectives you need to complete to finish this main quest:

1 – Talk to Walter Stroud and travel to Neon

This quest will take you to the only cyberpunk city present in the game. But first, you will need to talk to Walter Stroud, the benefactor of Constellation and the central character in this quest. He will come with you to Neon City located on the planet Volii Alpha in the Volii System and help you get the Artifact.

2 – Go to the Stroud-Eklund HQ

After you reach Neon, talk to Walter and then make your way to Stroud-Eklund HQ. Go to the top floor and meet with Walter’s wife Issa Eklund. You will talk about setting up a meeting in the Astral Lounge. You can then go to this place without Walter and get some information.

3 – Go to Astral Lounge and set up the deal

In the Astral lounge, talk to a couple of characters and learn about the security there. Then, change the security in your favor, so that you can manipulate them when the actual deal goes down.

4 – Find seller’s Sleepcrate

Go outside and walk over to Newill’s Goods and talk to James Nevill. Persuade him and get the location of the Sleepcrate.

5 – Go back to Walter Stroud

Tell everything to Walter, and he will finally tell you about the seller and give you the secret code word: Ramsay and Travers.

All that money can buy Starfield guide - how to beat the quest Characters making a deal

6 – Find the Seller in the Astral Lounge

His name is Musgrove, and when you strike up a conversation with him, say the code word to begin the deal. Quickly, go back to Walter and tell me how the meeting will go down.

7 – Go to the VIP Room

He will try to rip you off, but tell him to stop bluffing. If he tries to walk away, close the doors and tell him you are in a favorable position with the security. He will then hopefully give you the Artifact.

Once you leave this room, you may encounter a Slayton Agent who will try to stop you. Deal with him and get out of the Astral Lounge.

8 – Talk to Issa Eklund

Issa will tell you that your ship has been impounded and you will need to talk to Slayton and clear all the “misunderstanding” to get off this planet.

9 – Travel to Slayton Aerospace HQ and find a way to Nicolaus Slayton

When you reach this place, you have to persuade the woman in front of the desk. After that, head over to the elevator and go up. The elevator will malfunction, and you will have to climb the tower. Using stealth is going to be advantageous.

10 – Confront Musgrove

Talk to him and either let him go, take him to jail or just attack him.

All that money can buy Starfield guide - how to beat the quest Spaceship hovering over a planet

11 – Go back to your ship

Get ready to take off this place. Talk to Walter and meet with the mysterious visitor back in orbit. They will be in a powerful ship and demand that you give them the Artifact. Cheese this fight and escape. Once you do this, go back to the Lodge. You will have completed this quest.

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