Jagged Alliance 3 pirate gold quest - how to beat Characters running away from something

Jagged Alliance 3 pirate gold quest – how to beat

Treasure hunting in Jagged Alliance 3 is one of the most popular ways to get some free rewards. As you only have to rely on your witts and speaking skills. There are many treasures hidden throughout Grand Chien, but one of the most popular is the Pirate Gold. However, if you don’t know how to find it, here’s a guide to finding the Pirate gold in Jagged Alliance 3.

This treasure hunt is filled with a lot of twists and turns as there is also a supernatural element in it. Who knows? You might even need to shoot a ghost in the face!

Anyways, just keep reading on and find out how you can find the Pirate gold in Jagged Alliance 3 and finish this incredible quest once in for all.

Jagged Alliance 3 pirate gold quest - how to beat Character scouting an area

Here’s how you complete the Pirate Gold quest in Jagged Alliance 3

The following are all of the steps you need to follow to complete this quest:

  • Travel to Fleatown in Sector I10.
  • There, you will have to fight with a couple of Legion soldiers, so make sure your mercs are healthy.
  • Once you have done this, go talk to Father Tooker; he will tell you about a relentless spirit. At this point, it’s pretty clear that you have to fight this entity.
  • Then, interact with a spot in front of boats that are near the dock. This will unlock a couple of ambush spots all around the map. You can see them by pressing “o,” and then sending at least one merc at each of the spots.
  • This will summon the relentless spirit, and you have to defeat it.
  • Loot its body, and you will find the map with the treasure spot.

The treasure will be located under a statue in the church. From this point onwards, you can do two things: either talk to Father Tooker or just go and get the treasure for yourself. If you choose the former, the following are the options you will get:

  • Tell him about the treasure: 20 Loyalty with Fleatown and some EXP; however, you won’t be able to get the treasure
  • Don’t tell him about the treasure: 5 Loyalty with Fleatown and you won’t be able to get the treasure. Although, your mercs won’t like this choice.

If you decide to go directly to the statue or not tell Father Tooker about the treasure, you will get the following option the moment you interact with the statue:

  • Evidence excuse: This option is available only when you have merc with Scoundrel perk. This way, you can get the treasure without facing any negative effects.
  • Keep it: 5 Loyalty with Fleatown, but your mercs will not like this choice
  • Give it Father Trooker: 15 Loyalty with Fleatown, and your mercs will like this choice

This was everything you need to know about beating the pirate gold quest in Jagged Alliance 3. If you liked what you just read, then please check out our other content such as Exoprimal shapeshifter achievement – how to unlock it and Pikmin 4 Sub Zero Sauna location – how to get there.