Jagged Alliance 3 Treasure at the Farms - how to beat mission Character shooting at enemies

Jagged Alliance 3 Treasure at the Farms – how to beat mission

Jagged Alliance 3 introduces players to a war-torn world where money and power are the most important things to have if you want to survive. You have plenty of opportunities to look for resources that you can sell for high prices. However, you can also use your observation skills to find some hidden treasures. So, to help you out with these missions, here’s a guide for Jagged Alliance 3 Treasure at the Farms.

This treasure-hunting mission will be confusing for many new players, but you don’t have to worry as this article is going to touch upon all of the important points you need to keep in mind while you are on your search. This way, not only are you going to get a lot of money for free, you also get to explore strange lands where they might be buried, which is always exciting.

So, keep reading on and find out about Jagged Alliance 3 Treasure at the Farms and how you can find the elusive treasure as fast as possible.

Here’s how to complete Treasure at the Farms in Jagged Alliance 3

To successfully find this treasure you have to do the following steps in chronological order:

  • Travel to Middle of Nowhere in sector A11. There you will meet a character called Mario and you need to talk to him. Once you need to get clues for the treasure from his relatives.
  • Go to Middle of Elsewhere at sector E5 and talk to one of his relatives who has a yellow marker on top of them until they give you the clue.
  • Then go to Middle of Everywhere at sector I13 and again to talk the his relative to get the clue.
  • Finally, Middle of Anywhere at sector C15 and talk to the final relative to discover the final clue.
  • After collecting the three clues, travel to Middle of Somewhere at K20.
  • The treasure will highlight itself near the red-leaf tree.

This is how you basically get the treasure. Keep in mind once you find it, Mr. Gattz will get hostile as you are digging on his farm. Furthermore, during your clue hunt, you will have to fight hostile enemies, so be sure to have medical supplies and good guns.

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