Echo of war Honkai Star Rail - how to unlock - character speaking

Echo of war Honkai Star Rail – how to unlock

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In Honkai Star Rail, playing daily and weekly quests and bosses are necessary to excel beyond other players. So in this guide, we will take you through how to unlock Echo of war Honkai Star Rail.

Regularly doing these tasks can help you acquire the essential items and resources required for character upgrades and other in-game bonuses. Similar to Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail also has weekly bosses that you can fight.

Let’s find out how you can unlock Echo of war Honkai Star Rail!

How to unlock Echo of war in Honkai Star Rail

To unlock the Echo of War weekly bosses, you need to have a Trailblaze level of at least 25-27. You can easily reach this level by following the main questline. As you progress through the main questline, you will encounter the In the Dangerous Muddy Swamp quest, which will unlock the Echo of War upon completion.

You can earn Echo of War rewards by defeating the bosses Doomsday Beast and Cocolia, the Mother of Deception. With these rewards, you can upgrade your characters and unlock other in-game bonuses.

Once you have unlocked the Echo of War, you can enter it three times a week. By defeating bosses in the Echo of War, you can acquire various rewards such as Relics, Light Cones, Tracks of Destiny, and items required for character upgrades. However, you need to spend 30 Trailblaze Power to enter Echo of War.

Cocolia, the Mother of Deception, is weak against Quantum, Lighting, and Fire, but resistant to Physical, Ice, and Wind. On the other hand, Doomsday Beast is weak to Physical, Fire, Ice, and Wind but resilient to Imaginary and Quantum. So, you need to create your team compositions accordingly to defeat these bosses.

That’s all you need to know about Echo of War in Honkai Star Rail. By regularly participating in Echo of War, you can unlock rewards and upgrade your character’s abilities at a faster pace. Find out more about this game in our guides such as Caelus or Stelle – who should you pick and how to help Hinkel