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Cocolia Honkai Star Rail – boss guide

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Some boss fights in Honkai Star Rail can get quite complicated, having multiple stages and final boss forms that are just trying to give you a hard time. In this guide, we will take you through how to beat Cocolia Honkai Star Rail.

Cocolia is a tough boss in the game that you have to beat to finish the Belobog story arc. With the right strategy and team, you can beat Cocolia and finish the story arc.

Let’s find out how you can beat the boss Cocolia Honkai Star Rail!

How to beat Cocolia in Honkai Star Rail

Before forming your team, make sure you learn Cocolia’s attack patterns and weaknesses. You’ll want to take advantage of the main character’s Fire/Preservation transformation, as Cocolia is weak against Fire damage. Other elements such as Electro and Quantum are also effective against her shields.

You should know that the main character changes halfway through the fight, which you can take advantage of. At the start, the main character is Physical/Destruction, but then transforms into Fire/Preservation. This transformation is useful because Preservation is a tank-based class, and Cocolia is weak against Fire damage.

Cocolia’s boss fight has two phases, each with different attacks. In the first phase, she attacks one party member while summoning ice pillars with shields and health bars. In her second phase, she can trap one ally outside the combat. A significant mechanic in this boss fight is a mecha arm that can damage Cocolia and her ice golems in both phases.

But don’t worry, you don’t need 5-star characters to beat Cocolia. Trailblazer, March 7th, Serval, Natasha, and Selee are the best characters to have. Trailblazer taunts Cocolia’s attacks, March 7th provides a shield, Serval deals damage with Electro, Natasha is a healer, and Selee deals Quantum damage, which is effective against Cocolia.

During the first phase, use the mecha arm only when the boss summons Ice pillars. In phase two, keep your defensive skills up at all times, damage Cocolia’s shields with Serval, heal your team with Natasha, and use Selee as a DPS character. In this way, you should be able to beat Cocolia pretty quickly.

That concludes our guide on how to beat the boss Cocolia in Honkai Star Rail. Why not check out all rewards of the beginner banner and How to redeem codes?