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Road 96 codes and phone numbers explained

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Road 96 is a 2021 adventure role-playing video game that takes place in the mid-to-late 1996s. The story will take place in the fictional nation of Petria, which is ruled by a harsh dictatorship. In this guide, we will take you through the Road 96 codes and phone numbers.

In the game, you will be in control of several teenagers as they attempt to flee the country through Petria’s northern border via Road 96. There are some numbers that will be vital for your survival. 

Let’s find out all about the Road 96 codes and phone numbers so you don’t have to hunt around in the game.

All codes and phone numbers and what they do in Road 96 

In Road 96, players must use their wit and problem-solving skills to overcome various obstacles on their way to freedom. For example, players may need to make a political donation or obtain certain security or access codes in order to progress. You can use a pay phone or phone booth in a store to make calls. Calls to home and other calls usually cost $1.

To help players navigate the game’s challenges, here is a list of every phone number they may need while traveling on Road 96:

  • 6-11: Call this number to report Black Brigade activity. The operator will answer as the Sonya tip line.
  • 35-362: This is Robert Winters’ number. Blackmail him if you can.
  • 55-555: Call this number to report missing teenagers to the Sonya hotline.
  • 96-555: Donate $10 to President Tyrak’s political campaign by calling this number.
  • 96-777: Donate $10 to Florres’ campaign by calling this number.

Also, here are all the Road 96 codes:

  • 4166: Use this code during “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in the trailer park.
  • 2237: Find this code in a drawer while helping Stan and Mitch break into Happy Taxi Headquarters. It opens the safe.
  • 1218: This code opens a safe behind a poster in “Short Circuit.” Find it in a box that drops from the ceiling.
  • 6844: Solve a nearby math problem to get the code for the safe in the motel.

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