Skytouched shaman Raid Shadow Legends - character wearing headgear

Skytouched shaman Raid Shadow Legends explained

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Skytouched Shaman is an Epic Void Support champion who hails from the Barbarians faction. In this guide, we will take a look at the Skytouched shaman Raid Shadow Legends character.

In Raid Shadow Legends, this character possesses an impressive full cleanse ability on her A2. This removes all debuffs from allies and replaces them with two buffs: block debuffs and revive on death. 

Let’s find out all you need to know about the Skytouched shaman Raid Shadow Legends character!

How to use Skytouched shaman in Raid Shadow Legends

Skytouched Shaman is a unique champion due to her passive skill. It enables her to heal allies based on the amount of Health Points she has lost. To make the most of this unique skill, you should build her with a high amount of HP stats. She is also renowned for her personal skill, which allows her to remove all debuffs from allies inflicted by enemies if they started the round first. This makes her a valuable addition for end-game content, such as Doom Tower and Arena.

Skytouched Shaman has two debuffs, Fear and Decrease Speed, which she self-inflicts at every turn. Fear prevents her from successfully triggering her skills, while Decrease Speed prevents her from quickly healing her allies. To counter the self-inflicted debuffs, it is recommended to equip her with an Immunity Set that grants her two turns of Block Debuff. This is especially crucial in Arena.

As she is a defensive supporter champion, high resistance will prevent enemies from inflicting debuffs that could drastically lower her survivability, especially when she is low on health. This opens up more opportunities to use her in end-game content, such as Doom Tower, as she can consistently put up Block Debuff to prevent enemies with high accuracy from inflicting debuffs on your champions with low resist stats.

In conclusion, Skytouched Shaman is an excellent choice for providing healing and debuff removal to the team. Why not check out a new game such as Atelier Ryza 3 Creaminea or find out how to make objects bigger in The Sims 4?