Chained Echoes Dwelley of the Valley monster fight

Chained Echoes Dwelly of the Valley – how to find and beat

We are all having some fun getting through the tough battles, weird sidequests and collecting the unique characters in Chained Echoes, right? Definitely! But sometimes there is that pesky monster which we are not able to track down adn need some help. Well, read on to find how to find and beat Chained Echoes Dwelly of the Valley unique monster.

First of all, you need to be equipped with a Sky Armor which allows you to quickly move about and fly to certain locations. Once you have it, then the quest to hunt down this rare and unique monster may definitely begin. Also, check that you are at least level 15.

Ready? Well then, we may begin looking for the Dwelley of the Valley in Chained Echoes.

How to find and beat Dwelley of the Valley in Chained Echoes

You will find the monster on a small island in the middle of the map, in the southwest area. If you land on it, you’ll get attacked as soon as you set foot on the ground. The monster can attack physically, use a Wing Flap which deals a hefty amount of damage (1000 HP) and Bad Breath, which can paralyze, poison and blind a single target.

The monster is weak to Earth though, so hit it with debuffs then go ahead with Gear 2 and try to get its health down. Careful with the Bad Breath cause that is definitely a problem to deal with. Defeating the monster may get you a Curling Eye, along with 1000 money, 50 SP, five titan leathers. Even more rewards are available if you speak to a random guild Leader (two meals and 1000 money).

We hope you have been able to deal with Dwelley of the Valley in a timely manner. Hopefully this monster wasn’t such a problem now that you know how to deal with it. If you need more help in getting through Chained Echoes check out our full walkthrough and also guides on the best formation to use in the game.