The Sims 4 actor and actress career guide Character looking concerned

The Sims 4 actor and actress career guide

The Sims 4 Get Famous expansion pack truly elevated this game to a new height by adding an Actor career mode. And compared to all of the other career modes, becoming an actor lets you and your Sim live a life of fame and glory. So, to give you a proper roadmap on how to navigate this, here’s The Sims 4 actor and actress career guide.

Turning your Sim into an established actor is arguably the quickest and the most exciting way to make them famous and also get a ton of money for it. Moreover, its features and tasks are also very different from any other career mode present in the game.

Thus, if you are ready to take on this challenge and really want your Sim to become a star, then keep reading on and enjoy this The Sims 4 actor and actress career guide.

The Sims 4 actor and actress career guide Characters arguing

The Sims 4 actor career guide explained

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to open the work panel to find the acting job options. Keep in mind acting in the game does not have a rigid structure to follow but feels more like a freelance career, so you will have to do a lot of gigs.

But before that, you have to choose an agency. At first, you will have two options, A.I. Staffing Agency and Everyday Extras Talent Agency. if you decide to go with the former agency then you will get automated reminders for gigs whereas the latter will provide your Sim more access to Daytime TV and Commercial gigs.

As you make progress in this career mode two more agencies, G.R.A.N. Talent Agency, and G.R.A.N. Talent Agency will also get unlocked. Meaning, you Sim going to start at level 1 with a job titled called Uncredited Extra, and with the help of their acting skills, they should reach level 10 the highest level, and become a Silver Screen Icon.

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Acting gigs and auditions

Your entire acting career depends on how well you perform on all of the acting gigs you get. This all starts with landing the audition which is fairly a simple process, as long as you do all of the preparation tasks and increase your skill.

Once the audition is done, you will get the result the moment your Sim comes back home. Hopefully, you got the acting role, and now you can check out all of the information you need to know about this role.

Before Each gig your Sim may require you to master a different set of skills and do different tasks, such as having higher Charisma, knowing how to play the guitar, researching emotions, meeting the director, etc.

These are often two daily tasks that improve your performance. You can choose to go to the set with your Sim which will increase the fame and money you make or just let your Sim do it alone for base pay.

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Getting gold in the acting career mode

If you want your Sim to become a star, then you truly have to earn gold in this career. This achievement can be fulfilled if you constantly choose risky scenes for your Sims to do during filming. This only works when your Sim has done all of the preparation tasks and has the skill set to pull it off, so make sure you are all set in that department before trying out the risky scenes.

Player needs to be with their Sim during the workday to see the rating they got for their performance. If your Sim gets gold, this means promotion in a single day.

This was all of the important elements of the acting career in The Sims 4 that you need to keep in mind. If you liked what you read, then please check out our other articles on video games such as Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow review and Fire Emblem Engage New Game Plus explained.