Chained Echoes otter owl - facing the hairy otter

Chained Echoes otter owl – where to find Hairy Otter

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In Chained Echoes, you will be able to complete many achievements to get rewards. In addition to fighting monsters, these are a fun way to get more out of the game. This guide will take you through where to find the Chained Echoes otter owl!

One of the achievements you can complete is the Endangered Species, which requires you to defeat all of the Unique Monsters scattered around Valandis. The Hairy Otter is one of these monsters, and it drops the otter owl.

Let’s take a look at where you can find the Chained Echoes otter owl!

How to Find Hairy Otter in Chained Echoes

Hairy Otter sounds like a play on Harry Potter, the famous boy wizard who inspired the Hogwarts Legacy game. In fact, the monster is a magic user wearing a wizard’s robe and an imitation of the sorting hat from Harry Potter.

To find the hairy otter, fast-travel to the crystal northeast of Arkant Archipelago. Then, switch to Sky Armor mode and head south to reach Taryn base’s beach. Note that the condition for encountering Hairy Otter is to have a party consisting of only magic users, i.e. Victor, Magnolia, Lenne, and Amalia.

It’s quite easy to defeat this unique monster. Simply chip away at his health until it reaches half, then use a status ailment to block him for a turn. This is because he will use Heal once he’s weak, which will restore him back to full health.

Once you defeat him, you will receive the Otter Owl you are looking for. Additionally, speaking to a Guild Leader will give you 10 Sweets and 2,5000a as a reward.

That’s all you need to know to find the hairy otter in Chained Echoes! Now, you will be able to defeat him as well to get the otter owl. Make sure to check out some of our other guides such as where to find all the rusty weapons and how to find and beat Gol D Waterfly