Atomic Heart testing ground 9 - how to enter using yellow circle

Atomic Heart testing ground 9 – how to enter

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Atomic Heart is a first-person shooter action role-playing video game, released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on February 21, 2023. In this guide, we will take you through how to enter Atomic Heart testing ground 9.

As you explore the facility, you will come across robots who have become hostile. So, you need to escape by defeating them and progress through the game.

Let’s find out how you can enter Atomic Heart testing ground 9!

How to enter Atomic Heart testing ground 9

After successfully escaping the facility and its robot-infested settlement, you’ll find yourself on a train that derails, leaving you at a station surrounded by training grounds that are all locked. In Atomic Heart, you can access these training grounds to gain weapon upgrades by completing challenges.

To access testing ground 9, open the map and locate the six training grounds marked with a bright yellow circle. To enter, you must use the white squid-like machine that you used to open the gate of the village you just escaped. Look for the machine near the training ground and interact with it to be brought to a map.

Basically, you will need to find the camera that is pointed at the door of the training grounds. Flip through the cameras until you see a button prompt to open the door. After opening the door, exit the machine and head towards the mushroom-shaped building that houses the training ground.

Completing the challenges within the training grounds will grant you weapon upgrades, such as an ergonomic handle for Fox, an expansive converter for the MP, or an extended magazine for the KS-23 and Reverse Shot for Zvezdochka.

So, that’s all for how to enter Atomic Heart testing ground 9. Here’s a guide if you’re wondering whether the game has character creation. Or check out a new game with our guide on how to get Wild Hearts small kemono shell skin.