saints row weapons list shooting from the top of a car

Saints Row weapons list – all guns

While initially touted as an inferior clone of the Grand Theft Auto kind of gameplay, the Saints Row series slowly managed to have its own identity. This was mainly accomplished thanks to an all out crazy kind of vibe, with Volition rebooting the series everyone is asking what the Saints Row weapons list looks like in the new game?

Along with an insane list of weapons, cars and a story that is not afraid to go some very strange places, the Saints Row series definitely aims to be a good option for everyone who does not want to be bothered too much about following the plot, but it is just about some good destruction and mayhem.

To be honest, what we have seen so far from Volition’s reboot seems to go in a slightly more serious and modern direction than what we have been expecting. But fret not, because the Saints Row weapons list seems to still have some seriously wacky stuff in it.

Saints Row – weapons list

Here are all the Saints Row weapons confirmed so far:

  • Axe – melee
  • Baseball Bat – melee
  • Bone Crusher – melee
  • Crowbar – melee
  • Dustlander Sword – melee
  • MDI-12 Stun Baton – melee
  • Machete – melee
  • Pickaxe – melee
  • Smelterville Slugger – melee
  • Electrostun P1200 – pistol
  • KA-1 Kobra – pistol
  • Idol Lite – pistol
  • Handcannon .44 – pistol
  • MDI-39M Sixguns – pistol
  • K-8 Krukov AR – assault rifle
  • AR-55 Burst Rifle – assault rifle
  • .585 Safari Express Rifle – assault rifle
  • Idol Star – rocket launcher
  • RPG – rocket launcher
  • AS3 Ultimax – shotgun
  • MDI-50 Tac – shotgun
  • Stagecoach – shotgun
  • Sawed-Off Shotgun – shotgun
  • Police Shotgun – shotgun
  • Machine Pistol – SMG
  • TEK Z-10 – SMG
  • D4th Blossom – SMG
  • 1921 Johnson – SMG

Here are all the weapons that have been confirmed for the Saints Row reboot to be released in 2022. We will be sure to update the list as soon as more information about them becomes available.

Are you excited for the reboot of the series? We sure are curios to see what Volition will pull out of their magical hat. In the meantime, you can look up some information on another reboot, that of Alone in the Dark, or find out what we think about the exciting Splatoon 3.