Full Moon Circlet Remnant 2 - how to get it Character walking up a staircase

Full Moon Circlet Remnant 2 – how to get it

Amulets are a pretty popular kind of item that players love to use in Remnant 2. They provide a variety of buffs and benefits that truly help during tough boss battles or scenarios that test your skills to their limits. But as different types of Amulets provide unique abilities, it’s always a good idea to look for rarer ones. So, here’s how you can get the Full Moon Circlet in Remnant 2.

Although Full Moon Circlet is not the rarest amulet in the game, you know when you need something the most and you are just not able to find it in time. Well, this is exactly what happens with Full Moon Circlet when you start searching for it. And trust me, it is very frustrating when this happens.

So, to help you avoid this problem and save a lot of your time, here’s how you can find the Full Moon Circlet in Remnant 2 and hopefully have a positive gaming experience.

Full Moon Circlet Remnant 2 - how to get it Character walking through a garden

Here’s how you can find the Full Moon Circlet in Remannt 2

The Full Moon Circlet is specifically found at the Imperial Gardens in Yaesha. Once you get there, just go into a hidden room below a trapdoor marked with a golden full moon crest. This trapdoor is located near the feet of a statue near the entrance, you have to take a left before the stairs. This may sound simple to do, but unfortunately many times this trap door does not open during a Blood Moon.

Some players even found out that it remains closed even when it’s not Blood Moon. This unfair situation usually happens when the exterior tilesets in your Yaesha instance are too small to spawn any wisps. If you encounter this problem, make sure to wait. Are you seeing wisps spawned in the exterior area? Then you can travel to the Gardens. Hopefully, you will find the trapdoor open.

This amulet grants players with ranged damage Lifesteals 3% of base damage dealt. When at at full health, the damage is increased by 20%. When you are saving your health and not trying to get hit as much as you can, then this amulet will reward you with some extra power. Perfect for players who are skilled enough to do a no-hit run of this game.

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