Rocket League boomer mode settings explained

rocket league boomer mode settings car smacking ball into net

Rocket League will never die, that’s for sure. Since it’s 2015 inception, it’s gone on to provide an addictive blend of football – everyone’s favourite game – with cars that have rocket boosters strapped to their backs. What’s not to love about the game’s many game modes? Maybe you love Boomer Ball and want some Rocket League boomer mode settings to replicate the experience since it’s limited-time-only then?

Well, one limited-time mode called Boomer Ball has taken the car game by storm, with the only downside being in its name – you can only play it for a limited time only. However, if you follow our settings, then you’ll be able to set up a ruleset for a custom game that provides the exact same experience as the mode itself.

Read on below to find out all the Rocket League boomer mode settings so you can get to zooming, giggling, and screaming in rage in true Rocket League style.

Rocket League boomer mode settings

You might not be able to access the real boomer mode all the time, but here is the best way to replicate the Rocket League boomer mode settings:

  • Ball Speed: Super Fast
  • Ball Physics: Super light
  • Ball Bounce: Super High
  • Boost Amount: Unlimited
  • Boost Strength: 1.5x
  • Preset Settings: Custom
  • Match Length: Whatever you want
  • Maximum Score: Whatever you want
  • Overtime: Whatever you want
  • Game Speed: Default
  • Series Length: Whatever you want
  • Ball Type: Default
  • Gravity: Default
  • Rumble: None
  • Respawn Time: Whatever you want
  • Demolish: Default

Now that you have the best ways to replicate Rocket League‘s ever-popular boomer mode, get in the vibrant arena with your friends and make them pay for all the wrongs they’ve done you over the years.

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