Rocket League - how to get goal explosions Cars racing each other

Rocket League – how to get goal explosions

Contrary to popular belief, combining high-speed futuristic cars with soccer is actually an awesome idea. And no game is the perfect example of this idea than Rocket League. Scoring goals while driving insane-looking cars is really fun and exciting to do. However, if you want to increase the threshold of awesomeness that this game provides, then you need to know how to get goal explosions in Rocket League.

If you don’t know what a goal explosion is, it is basically a stylistic explosion that happens whenever you score a goal in the game. The explosion itself looks very awesome with vibrant colors and can even have gorgeous entities of your choice. But if you are having trouble understanding how to get it, then read on and find out about how to get goal explosions in Rocket League.

Rocket League - how to get goal explosions Cars flying away from an explosion

Getting goal explosions in Rocket League

Currently, the simplest way to get a goal explosion would be by spending a couple of dollars on in-game credits and then buying goal explosions of your choice from the item shop. You can also buy bundles as many times they also carry goal explosion in them, although this is not guaranteed.

You can also get the Rocket Pass and start climbing tiers as goal explosions are usually rewards at higher tiers. Lastly, you can also trade goal explosions for credits. Goal explosions truly are a simple aesthetic overhaul for the game.

Clearly, seeing an explosion with beautiful particle effects and colorful waves is always nice. But when we get things like the Grim Reaper or a freaking T-Rex coming out? Well, that does elevate this game to the next level.

These goal explosions may also carry brand value as you can get explosions like Hot Wheels goal explosions and Jurassic Park goal explosions. This makes goal explosions a pretty valuable item and a rarity, and it makes sense why there is a huge trading community that you can access from the Rocket League Reddit if you want to.

Anyways, this is all there is to know about getting a goal explosion in Rocket League. If you liked what you read, then please check out our other articles such as Henry Barrow Killer Frequency explained and Oxenfree 2 Lost Signals walkthrough – guides, tips, and tricks.