Hardened Iron Remnant 2 - how to get it Character harnessing the power of light

Hardened Iron Remnant 2 – how to get it

Crafting is an important feature in Remnant 2, as it breaks the status quo of the weapons you get and makes them even stronger. Besides the touch of personalization just makes the gameplay more immersive and engaging. There is a wide variety of upgrade materials you can get. But when it comes to the most popular ones, Hardened Iron always takes the crown. So, let’s find out how to get Hardened Iron in Remnant 2 and profit.

Hardened Iron is a very good item. Most players like it because of its properties and buffs it provides to both special weapons, regular weapons, and armor. Making it a pretty resourceful upgrade material to collect.

So, let’s not wait around any longer, and keep reading and find out how you can get Hardened Iron in Remnant 2 and upgrade your weapons carefree.

Hardened Iron Remnant 2 - how to get it Character aiming at iron pieces

This is how you find Hardened Iron in Remnant 2

The easiest way to get Hardened Iron, which is the final tier of upgrade material in this game, is by, well, fighting. Basically, the more corrupted enemies and bosses you defeat, the higher the chances, as it is a pretty frequent drop item. You definitely want to get it as soon as possible, but how? That’s the question.

However, to increase your chances, make sure to equip at least three weapons. Or, at the very least, close to upgrade level 15 (+8 for unique weapons). Another way is to buy Hardened Iron from Cass for 300 Scrap.

This makes Hardened Iron an upgrade material that the game provides you. That happens, though, once you reach higher levels and are constantly fighting enemies and exploring the game’s world. The moment you acquire them you can take them to Don “Rigs” Rigler for upgrading your weapon.

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