Palia Worm Farm - best glow worm farming methods Character fishing in a lagoon

Palia Worm Farm – best glow worm farming methods

Glow worms are required to catch rare or epic quality fish in Palia. Without them these rare and epic fish are inaccessible. However, due to this aspect, they are also pretty hard to find. Generally, Palia players use the Glow Worm Farm to create a healthy supply of this valuable bait. But sometimes it is not enough. So, here’s how you can create a highly optimized Glow Worm Farm in Palia.

Transforming your Glow Worm Farm into a much more effective Glow Worm-making machine will be really advantageous for you, especially if you are still in the beginning stage of your farm. You will never have to worry about not getting certain fish in the game.

Keep reading to find out how to optimize Glow Worm Farm in Palia. Having Glow worms in your inventory will always be helpful and start fishing without any worry.

Palia Worm Farm - best glow worm farming methods Character making glow worms

How to optimize Glow Worm Farm

When it comes to Glow Worm Farm optimization, the key thing to remember is that grilled fish are the most useful items, and the higher the value of grilled fish (Rare/Epic), the greater the output of Glow Worms you will get. Let’s understand this in more detail.

First, start by catching Common/Uncommon fish from the pond near your housing plot. Use a normal Worm as bait. You will probably catch fish like Mirror Carp, Orange Bluegill, or the Catfish. Whatever you get, just bring it back home.

Now start grilling them together. You can do this by clicking on the ingredients and then selecting the Mirror Carp. Do this until you have grilled all of the Mirror Carp fish. Do the same for the other fish you caught. This way, you will get two separate types of grilled fish. Put them in your Glow Worm Farm and you will get a high amount of Glow Worms.

How to fish with Glow Worm in Palia

Go back to the pond, and instead of using the normal Worms, use the Glow Worm to catch a Rare or Epic variety of fish and repeat the same process with them. You will get an even higher amount of Glow Worms. This is how you basically optimize your Glow Worm Farm. 

If you want to know how much Glow Worm each grilled fish gives to the player, then please check out this spreadsheet made by Palia player Bella, click here. In any case, keep in mind that having a Star Quality fish will not change the amount of the Glow Worms you get. Only their value changes the output. Thus, the Epic and Rare grilled fish will give you the most amount of Glow Worms.

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