like a dragon ishin minigames samurai with a fan dancing

Like a Dragon Ishin minigames – what are they and where to find

Like a Dragon Ishin might be a Yakuza spinoff that takes place in feudal Japan, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. In fact, there’s an abundance of Like a Dragon Ishin minigames to play and take part in around the world of Kyo. So much so that you’ll probably spend hours checking them out instead of, you know, playing the game.

The Like a Dragon Ishin minigames cover a wide variety of different events and games you can take part in. They’re spread out around the world, too. Some of them are marked on your map, but others will only be marked after you bumble around and find them.

Below, you’ll find all of the games you can take part in and where they are located in Sega’s historical RPG.

Like a Dragon Ishin minigames

There are a total of 37 minigames in Like a Dragon Ishin. These are:

  • 7 singing
  • 12 buyo dance
  • 1 pitching in at udon shop
  • 9 courtesan games
  • 1 chicken race
  • 1 cee-lo
  • 1 choo-han
  • 1 oichi-kabu
  • 1 koi-koi
  • 1 poker
  • 1 mahjong
  • 1 shogi

You can find minigames like cee-lo and koi-koi at the gambling house in Kyo. This is also where you will find poker. Minigames like singing can be found at karaoke bars throughout the game’s different map locations.

These events are readily marked on your in-game map, so all you need to do is open the map and look for the icon showing playing dice to find them. However, some of these events, like pitching in at the udon shop, can only be found by exploring the world of Ishin and finding these events by accident.

Those are all the games in the Yakuza spinoff and how you can find them. For more tips and tricks on Sega’s historical RPG, then read our other guides on the game such as soul orbs explained and which songs you can karaoke.