Moonlight Peaks Switch - Is it coming to Nintendo? Character with purple hair smiling

Moonlight Peaks Switch – Is it coming to Nintendo?

Farming Simulator is the new trendy genre that has hooked a huge number of gamers. Just sit back, relax, and farm your crops while interacting with wholesome NPCs whom you can also date! What’s there not to like? Currently, this game is still in early development, and many players are wondering if Moonlight Peaks coming to the Switch.

Nintendo has become the perfect platform for these types of games, as players easily take out their portable Switch and just play these relaxing games while sitting on their comfy sofas or lying on their beds. Moreover, it is always easier to grind in a game that you can play regardless of where you are.

There, the question is Moonlight Peaks coming to the Switch? is a valid one, and we are going to answer for you. So keep reading on and find out!

Moonlight Peaks Switch - Is it coming to Nintendo? Character watering their crops

Is Moonlight Peaks going to be on the Nintendo Switch?

Yes, Moonlight Peaks is going to be released on the Nintendo Switch. Although the official release date of this game has not been revealed yet, during a Steam Q&A session with one of the devs of Moonlight Peaks, they mentioned that they are looking at PC and Nintendo Switch as the main launching platforms for this game.

Fans of this genre cannot contain their excitement as generally when supernatural elements are used in farming simulators. Still, they are usually in the background or just in a particular part of the story. But now in Moonlight Peaks you can literally play as a Vampire and your dad is the Dracula! Just take my money already.

Vampirism, gothic horror, and chill farming are a combination that players did not realize they actually needed. Now, only time will tell how good this game will be. Honestly, looking at the gameplay trailer, it might become a future classic.

Moonlight Peaks is one of those farming sims that is highly anticipated by players. It mixes gothic supernatural elements such as vampires and werewolves into this genre.

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