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Like a Dragon Ishin substories explained

Yakuza games are loved because of the weird and wacky events that happen when you’re stumbling around the streets of Kamurocho, but you can get that same experience with the Like a Dragon Ishin substories even though the game is set in feudal Japan and is a spin-off from the mainline series.

The Like a Dragon Ishin substories are separate from the main quest and these missions are where you’ll find all of the series’ personality. Examples from other games include adult men in diapers and people stealing underwear. And you thought we were joking.

Below, you’ll find all the information you need on these side stories. This includes how many of them there are, and in which regions you can find them. We’ll also tell you how to find them because we’re nice like that and it isn’t all too obvious.

Like a Dragon Ishin substories

Substories are optional side missions in Like a Dragon Ishin that are separate from the main story. They are often full of humour and range from helping a fisherman by giving him some of the fish you caught to helping out the owner of a dojo and learning martial arts skills.

There are a total of 72 Like a Dragon Ishin substories located in different areas of the map. These are:

  • 19 in Rakunai
  • 12 in Rakugai
  • 8 in Makurogai
  • 22 in Fushimi
  • 4 in Gion
  • 7 in other areas

All of these substories can be found by exploring the different areas listed above and talking to people hanging around on the streets. Sometimes substories will be triggered by a cutscene, but other times you will need to physically go up to someone and interact with them. You will know which individuals will need to be talked to because they will either have an exclamation mark above their heads or they will be muttering – often hilarious – dialogue. Some of these are also denoted by speech bubbles coming from their mouths too.

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