How to get Sernuk Hide in Palia - player aiming at a Sernuk

How to get Sernuk Hide in Palia

To build and place a Stone Smelter, players will first need to learn how to get Sernuk Hide in Palia. This is a core material in crafting and will be useful in all stages of the game.

Sernuk are easy to find but can be tricky to kill since they have a high base HP. However, their drops are needed for various activities, and going out of your way to hunt them is never a bad idea.

In this guide, I will explain how to get Sernuk Hide in Palia and showcase the best locations to hunt Sernuk in the game.

How to get Sernuk Hide in Palia - Player collecting Sernuk Hide and Meat after killing a Sernuk.

How to get Sernuk Hide in Palia

To get Sernuk Hide in Palia, players will need to hunt Sernuk. If you want to find these beats, try looking on the east side of the village. These are tall animals that look like deer and can be found all over the open world. Each Sernuk that you kill will always drop 1x Sernuk Hide. Often, they will also drop Sernuk Meat, which is great for early-game cooking.

Occasionally, Sernuk will also drop Antlers. These are one of the most profitable items to sell in the early game and can help you make money fast in Palia. The best location to find Sernuk is on the east side of the village, near Whispering Banks. The area there is filled with Sernuk and I’ve been able to find even seven of them in one trip. Also, Sernuk can be found both during the day and night in Palia.

However, keep in mind that hunting Sernuk is not an easy task. If you’re using the Makeshift Bow and Stone Arrows, you will need two shots to kill it. Thankfully, after shooting it once, it will run away for about 10 seconds and then stand still again.

To make this process easier, I highly recommend upgrading to Bronze Arrows as soon as you can. There’s no need to upgrade the Bow yet since Bronze arrows will be enough to one-shot Sernhuk.

To summarize, players can get Sernuk Hide in Palia by hunting the Sernuk animals all around the open world. They can be found everywhere but the best location to look for them is near Whispering Banks. Before leaving, if you’re interested in trying different games, check out our guides on how to beat the pirate gold quest in Jagged Alliance 3 and how to get the Assassins Dagger in Remnant 2.

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