Starfield Digipick guide - how to use and buy lockpicks Character walking through a futuristic facility

Starfield Digipick guide – how to use and buy lockpicks

Looting safes and containers are a huge part of Stafield’s gameplay loop. If you want to get a lot of credits, then you will have to loot as much as possible. However, it looks like the futuristic locks are really tight, and normal lockpicks have become useless. Enter Digipicks. These are an evolution of the common lockpicks, and this article will tell you all about Digipick in Starfield.

Digipicks are an essential tool that is required when you go out exploring. Without them, half of the containers or safes you find will become inaccessible. So, if you are a grinder, then you will be using Digipicks more than your gun. Seriously.

Keep reading to find out where you can find and use Digipick in Starfield. Using them will turn you into a space thief, which is always a great title to have.

Starfield Digipick guide - how to use and buy lockpicks Character talking to a shopkeeper

How to get a Digipick in Starfield?

Digipicks are a pretty common item in Starfield. You can acquire them for free by looting them off dead enemies. Whenever you finish a lethal encounter, remember to check all the bodies.

However, if you are a stealthier player, then you can buy them from most of the stores in the game. When you access the store menu, open up the misc section. Digipicks have a base price of 35 credits. You can lower this price with the help of commerce skills.

Starfield Digipick guide - how to use and buy lockpicks Character trying to pick a lock

How to use Digipicks in Starfield?

The moment you use a Digipick on a safe or a crate, you will begin a mini-game. This lockpicking mini-game is going to be really frustrating, so remember to keep your calm. So, depending upon the difficulty of that object you are trying to open, you will find a varied amount of rings. Your objective is to rotate the outermost ring that has little pins and fit them into the inner rings’ gaps, and then slot them.

However, as there will be multiple inner rings, you cannot overlap the pin position that has already been set with the other pin positions. Thus, you will have to remember the pin positions. You also don’t need to follow any chronological order, you can start with any of them that you feel comfortable doing first.

There are some ways to turn down this high difficulty. You can increase your Security skills, and unlock an ability in which the outer ring will turn blue if it fits into one of the slots. There is also an Auto Slot function that will help you out a lot as well. All in all, lockpicking is going to be very confusing at first.

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