Starfield legendary weapons guide - how and where to get Character shooting a rifle while jumping very high

Starfield legendary weapons guide – how and where to get

Starfield’s combat mechanics revolve majorly around the weapons players choose to use. Each weapon has its own unique characteristic, and it can either make or break your entire loadout. So why not go for the best? Starfield is filled with several legendary weapons that will turn you into a killing machine. However, if you are having trouble finding them, then this article will tell you all about legendary weapons in Starfield.

These legendary weapons are pretty diverse, so even if you are playing as a pacifist, you should carry them, at least for self-defense. And who does not want to feel overpowered?

Keep reading to find out where you can find legendary weapons in Starfield. One of these legendary weapons will surely become your primary weapon.

Starfield legendary weapons guide - how and where to get Character pointing their pistol at a couch

Where to find all legendary weapons in Starfield?

The following are all the locations of legendary weapons and how you can find them:

  • Peacekeeper: You will find this weapon upon the completion of the Groundpounder series of quests in the Altair system. It is a unique 11mm machine gun.
  • Unrestrained Vengeance: You will be rewarded with this rare laser rifle after you defeat The Hunter. It is part of the High Price to Pay main story mission.
  • Kneelhauler: This weapon is a rare pistol perfect for players who like being space pirates as you will be given this weapon once you start doing Crimson Fleet quests.
  • Heller’s Cutter: This is a heavy weapon and you can find it inside a crate on Vectera. This is a moon that you will visit during the first few hours of Starfield. Don’t try to find it during your first visit, rather come back to this region after you have delivered the Artifact to Constellation.
  • Sir Livingstone’s Pistol: This pistol comes with a hefty emotional baggage. You will need to first choose the Kid’s stuff trait. And then go to the Residential District of New Atlantis to visit their parents. Your father will give you this pistol.
  • Eternity’s Gate: This is a particle beam rifle that can be acquired after eliminating the Emissary at the Buried Temple. Remember to either side with Hunter during the Unearthed quest or just stay neutral.
  • The Last Priest: After finishing Infinity’s End quest and after siding with Hunter during the Unearthed quest, you will receive this weapon by talking to Hunter.
  • Magshear: This is a powerful railgun that will destroy enemies within seconds. However, to find it you need to be in the higher levels. Once you reach this point, you will find it in random containers and as an enemy loot. You will also be able to buy it from Rowland Arms in Akila City.
  • Instigating Kraken: Go back to the location that you unlocked after the tutorial section. Defeat enemies and travel to the area opposite the Crimson Fleet ship. Scour this place and hopefully, you will find a small yellow storage box with this weapon inside of it.
  • Demoralizing Old Earth Hunting Rifle: You buy this legendary weapon from Rowland Arms and Laredo Firearms stores present in Akila City.
  • Legendary Revenant: You will find this incredible weapon on a table inside of a vault during the finale of Eye of the Storm Crimson fleet missions.

You can find even more legendary weapons by playing on the “Very Hard” difficulty and then looting containers and eliminating high-level enemies. Players are probably going to discover new legendary weapons in the future as well.

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